The leading hub in the commercialization of electrified aviation in Sweden


Skellefteå is at the moment part of a large transformation of the society. This is to a large extent driven by the establishment of Northvolt who is building one of Europe’s largest gigafactories for batteries in Skellefteå.

With Skellefteå emerging as a centre of excellence within electrification, batteries and hydrogen, exciting opportunities are created within the field of sustainable aviation. Skellefteå is also home to Skellefteå Kraft which is one of Sweden’s largest power companies, producing electricity from renewable energy sources, the major part from hydropower and wind power. The company is also involved in a number of innovation and research activities.
Together with one of the world's first fossil-free airports, access to green electricity and an available airspace, Skellefteå also has an increasing need for fast, safe and sustainable transport solutions to and from and within the region.

The ELIS programme will speed up the way to commercialisation of battery- and hydrogen-electric aviation as well as help to create some of the worlds first all-electric commercial air routes taking off from Skellefteå.

The ELIS program is focussed at work packages within the fields of:
● Aircrafts, eVTOLs and drones
● Market and business development
● Safety and infrastructure
● Logistics

Skellefteå and the ELIS Programme is also an active partner in the FAIR project that aims to speed up the way to commercial traffic with electric aircrafts in the Kvarken Region.

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