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Developing the future of aviation


In Skellefteå we are taking the lead in developing the future of aviation. We are determined to become a leading hub in the commercialisation of electrified aviation in Sweden.


Skellefteå Airport has installed Sweden’s strongest power supply at airside dedicated for electric aviation. The power supply enables 1 MW of available power for charging of electric aircrafts and eVTOLs.

Test track for eVTOL

Skellefteå Airport and a number of partners are developing a test track för eVTOL:s between the airport and Northvolt One. The project is co-funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and will enable a live testing environment for the development of the entire value chain in an eVTOL transport system.

It’s necessary to test in real conditions to be able to identify challenges on the ground and in the air both of technical character but also around legal and safety issues. A test track is also a good way to understand commercial possibilities and

The project consists of a number of work packages with the aim of having everything in place for real testing to begin in 2023.

Test site

We think that we learn a lot from getting things up in the air in real conditions. Therefore, Skellefteå will offer developers of electric aircrafts, eVTOLs and supporting technical solutions an environment and infrastructure to carry out tests necessary to certify and commercialize the technology. We can for example provide testing in cold, dark, windy and harsh conditions that can not easily be found elsewhere.

Focus areas can be on issues related to power supply, energy storage, charging, hydrogen, safety and airspace management.

Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden’s largest regional airports. The airport offers domestic scheduled flights with several daily departures as well as charter flights. Skellefteå Airport itself is fossil free since 2020!

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