ELIS testbed

A leading testbed in arctic climate

In Skellefteå we believe in learning by doing and electric aviation is happening here and now.

There are a lot of tests, development, demonstration and certification activities needed in the years to come. We hope to help in speeding up the way to commercialisation.

Our testbed for electric aviation is open for developers and researchers in the field of electric aviation including:

  • eVTOLs
  • Electric airplanes
  • Vertiports
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Hydrogen
  • Powertrains
  • Carbon fibres
  • Avionics  

We also welcome industries that will be co-dependent on electric aviation, for example airlines, maintenance companies, energy companies etc. that are interested in joint projects. 

Skellefteå is a hotspot for innovation, growth and sustainable development. Skellefteå Airport is also home to Green Flight Academy with three electric aircraft based at the Skellefteå Airport at the moment. 

Skellefteå is also home to Northvolt Ett which is one of Europe’s largest gigafactories for batteries. This creates leading expertise in the field of electricity, power management, batteries, charging etc. 

Skellefteå and the ELIS programme can offer:

In Skellefteå it’s possible to put the technology to the test in order to develop electric vehicles, the  suitable infrastructure and necessary technologies to change the mindsets about mobility. Collaboration will be key and we aim to be a leading test facility and can offer unique tests in harsh weather conditions. We are completely flexible regarding the needs from different partners.


A 1 MW charging infrastructure with 100% green and affordable energy


A cold climate where tests can be conducted from -25 to +20 degrees Celsius, in hard winds, snow and rain


A free airspace, hangar facilities, workshops and maintenance support


We can offer support and help with applying for permissions.


Leading expertise in the areas of energy storage, electric supply, charging systems, hydrogen, electromagnetic interference and composites, partly together with Luleå Technical University.


A verified test track for eVTOLs between the airport and Northvolt Ett


A droneport that will be ready to use during 2023


Power and drive, backed by local and national authorities to make real change in a region that has already taken a lead in the green transition

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