BBC Travel visit Green Flight Academy

The Green Flight Academy is a product of the ELIS program's efforts to advance electrified aviation. BBC Travel decided to pay a visit to the world’s first pilot program designed from a sustainability perspective. The program has a reach of approximately 70 million viewers each week.

BBC Travel visit Green Flight Academy

Watch the BBC Travel Show and listen to our coworker Annelie Viksten at the Elis program talk about electric aviation.

Cecilia Holmlund, Operation Manager at Green Flight Academy in Skellefteå:

"The ELIS program is extremely important to us. It had not been possible to conduct our operation at an airport that does not have the infrastructure that we have here. The infrastructure, the projects that are carried out and the skills involved and generates, has given us the opportunity to offer a world-unique pilot program in Skellefteå. Our participation in the ELIS program has also given us important contacts. e.g. BRA flights that we encountered within the framework of the hydrogen project and where we are now, we see real business opportunities. Business begets business and ELIS is the engine that pushes the development of electrified aviation forward".

  • GFA started in 2021

"Think globally but act locally”

23 April 2024

After a few days at the Amsterdam Drone Week, the conclusion was that the work on the Skellefteå Droneport is a crucial piece in the development of drones and drone-related services.

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