Project for drone shipping at Skellefteå Droneport

An innovative project has started at Skellefteå Droneport with the goal of carrying out pre-
commercial tests for drone shipping. The project includes a system demonstrator that
integrates community dialogue, technology and business.

Project for drone shipping at Skellefteå Droneport

The project is led by the Swedish drone developer Katla Aero in collaboration with VTI (State Road and Transport Research Institute), Skanska and Skellefteå Airport. During a two-year period, the parties will collaborate on the project with Skellefteå Droneport as a base. Katla Aero will customize its drone to specific shipping requirements, design flight routes, apply for airspace permits and conduct test flights from the drone.

The construction of Skellefteå Droneport is in full swing with expectations that the test facility will be ready after the summer. Skellefteå Airport is responsible for operating the drone.

VTI will focus on identifying costs and socially beneficial application areas for drone transport by analyzing advantages, disadvantages and the needs and demands of various stakeholders.

This project is in line with the ELIS program's "learning by doing" philosophy and is expected to be a central part of the droneport's development and build-out. Through this initiative,
Skellefteå Droneport will be established as an important node for research and development in drone shipping and innovation-driven autonomous air transport.

The project is financed by Vinnova.

"Think globally but act locally”

23 April 2024

After a few days at the Amsterdam Drone Week, the conclusion was that the work on the Skellefteå Droneport is a crucial piece in the development of drones and drone-related services.

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