Amsterdam Drone Week

Exploring the Future of Drone Technology at Amsterdam Drone Week

On March 16-17, ELIS program and Skanska are participating in Amsterdam Drone Week, Europe's largest conference and trade show in the drone industry.

Exploring the Future of Drone Technology at Amsterdam Drone Week

"With so much happening in the drone industry, it's challenging to get a comprehensive overview. Our hope is that participating in Amsterdam Drone Week will provide a clearer picture of the industry and facilitate connections with interesting stakeholders", says Henrik Littorin, Program Director for ELIS.

The primary objective is to enhance knowledge related to Skellefteå's and Skanska's drone initiatives, including the construction of the droneport in Skellefteå. Additionally, the aim is to establish connections with potential collaborators, suppliers, and clients for the droneport project in Skellefteå.
Alongside Amsterdam Drone Week, a meeting is scheduled on Monday within the European network for drone test sites, of which Skellefteå is a member.

There are several test facilities for unmanned aviation across Europe, each with different designs and infrastructure tailored to education, research, testing, and development in the drone sector. The network meeting aims to increase collaboration, discuss joint financing opportunities, and address European regulations regarding permits for drone test flights.

Amsterdam Drone Week is the global platform for sharing knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations and vital regulations. A top-level meeting point where all key players, big and small, commercial and non-commercial, from various industries, knowledge institutes and authorities, gather to co-create and co-operate.

Stay tuned for updates on ELIS program's and Skanska's experiences and learnings from this gathering.

ELIS program is represented by Program Director Henrik Littorin and Skanska is represented by Project Engineer Martin Lundholm.

"Think globally but act locally”

23 April 2024

After a few days at the Amsterdam Drone Week, the conclusion was that the work on the Skellefteå Droneport is a crucial piece in the development of drones and drone-related services.

Meeting new requirements for efficient charging

25 March 2024

To meet the increased demands for electricity for charging at airports, the partners in the collaboration project YourFlight will investigate how electricity supply can be best provided.

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