Project for drone shipping at Skellefteå Droneport

13 February 2024

Ett nyskapande projekt har startat vid Skellefteå Droneport med målet att utföra förkommersiella tester för drönarfrakt. Projektet innefattar en systemdemonstrator som integrerar samhällsdialog, teknologi, affärs- och hållbarhetsaspekter samt tillstånd och regler för att samordna och möjliggöra framsteg inom området.

OATS project completed

12 February 2024

At the beginning of 2023, the feasibility study started to establish an Open Area Test Site (OATS) at Skellefteå Airport. The purpose of the project has been to investigate the possibility of establishing a test environment at an airport where technical tests on electromagnetic compatibility for electric aircraft, eVTOLs, drones, electrified powertrains and charging infrastructure can be carried out.

The future drone airport in Skellefteå

28 September 2023

Several actors within society gathered to discuss how the upcoming drone airport in Skellefteå can create value for companies, municipalities and residents.

Investment in Hydrogen-Powered Flight in Skellefteå

30 March 2023

Together with Skellefteå Kraft, ZeroAvia, and the airline BRA, Skellefteå Airport is making a joint effort towards hydrogen-powered flight in Sweden. This investment is part of the ELIS development program, which aims to accelerate the electrification of aviation.

Welcome to the seminar for eVTOL and drone ports

13 January 2023

ELIS invites to a seminar where we present the outcome of two innovative projects aimed to accelerate the introduction of electric vertical take off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) and drones in the transport system.

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